ASSET Personal Practice Toolkit by ASSET Education

ASSET Personal Practice Toolkit

A 6-week journey designed to help you build a more robust personal practice in mindfulness and positive psychology.

Be the calm in your classroom

ASSET’s Personal Practice toolkit enables teachers to develop a mindful and positive classroom climate. It is  a toolkit of “turning towards.” We are turning towards our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

What's included?

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Personal Practice Toolkit.pdf
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Letter to Educators -- Why this toolkit?.pdf
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Weeks at a Glance.pdf
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Designing your own personal practice.pdf
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Week 1
Week 1 -- Awareness.pdf
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Week 1_Sunday Journal.pdf
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Week 2
Week 2 -- Mindfulness of the breath & body.pdf
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Week 2_Sunday Journal.pdf
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Week 3
Week 3 -- Mindfulness of Emotions & the Compassionate Heart.pdf
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Week 3_Sunday Journal.pdf
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Week 4
Week 4 -- Regulation.pdf
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Week 4_Sunday Journal.pdf
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Week 5
Week 5 -- Positive Psychology.pdf
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Week 5_Sunday Journal.pdf
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Week 6
Week 6 -- Resilience.pdf
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Week 6_Sunday Journal.pdf
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