"Becoming Your Own ASSET" -- Level 2 Curriculum by ASSET Education

"Becoming Your Own ASSET" -- Level 2 Curriculum

30 bite-sized social & emotional learning tools to help your students build their resilience. This is a one year license to use the curriculum from date of purchase.

What's included?

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Level 2 Curriculum
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Primer Lesson Materials
Primer: Understanding Resilience
Primer Lesson Script.pdf
2.1 MB
Taking Stock of our Stressors.pdf
241 KB
M1T1 4-7-8 Breathing
Slide Deck: M1T1 4-7-8 Breathing
4-7-8 Breathing Lesson .pdf
2.76 MB
M1T2 Mindful Body Scan 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T2 Mindful Body Scan 2.0
Mindful Body Scan 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.75 MB
M1T3 Tense & Release 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T3 Tense & Release 2.0
Tense & Release 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.71 MB
M1T4 Hand Tracing
Slide Deck: M1T4 Hand Tracing
Hand Tracing Lesson.pdf
2.05 MB
M1T5 Mindful Listening 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T5 Mindful Listening 2.0
Mindful Listening 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.7 MB
M1T6 I Spy
Slide Deck: M1T6 I Spy
I Spy Lesson.pdf
1.63 MB
M1T7 Finger Breathing 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T7 Finger Breathing 2.0
Finger Breathing 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.72 MB
M1T8 Mindful Balance
Slide Deck: M1T8 Mindful Balance
Mindful Balance Lesson .pdf
1.69 MB
Mindfulness Personal Practice
Personal Practice L2.pdf
1.81 MB
Personal Practice Lesson.pdf
1.73 MB
Menu of Mindfulness Tools.pdf
242 KB
Mindfulness Review
Slide Deck: Mindfulness Review
Mindfulness Review Lesson.pdf
1.7 MB
Positive Psychology Module
Positive Psychology Module Overview.pdf
1.45 MB
M2T1 Resilient Bubble Letter
Slide Deck: M2T1 Resilient Bubble Letter
Resilient Bubble Lesson.pdf
1.75 MB
M2T2 Happy Bank
Slide Deck: M2T2 Happy Bank
Happy Bank Lesson.pdf
1.66 MB
M2T3 My Purpose
Slide Deck: M2T3 My Purpose
My Purpose Lesson.pdf
2.27 MB
Character Strengths Worksheet.pdf
160 KB
M2T4 My Community
Slide Deck: M2T4 My Community
My Community Lesson.pdf
1.88 MB
M2T5 Learning to Pivot
Slide Deck: M2T5 Learning to Pivot
Learning To Pivot Lesson.pdf
1.69 MB
M2T6 Baby Steps
Slide Deck: M2T6 Baby Steps
Baby Steps Lesson.pdf
1.65 MB
M2T7 Moment of Resilience
Slide Deck: M2T7 Moment of Resilience
Moment of Reslience Lesson.pdf
1.69 MB
M2T8 Gratitude 2.0
Slide Deck: M2T8 Gratitude 2.0
Gratitude 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.65 MB
Positive Psychology Personal Practice
Positive Psychology Personal Practice Lesson.pdf
1.73 MB
Positive Psychology Diagnostic Checklist.pdf
187 KB
Menu of Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Tools.pdf
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Personal Practice Presentation
Positive Psychology Review
Slide Deck: Positive Psychology Review
Positive Psychology Review Lesson.pdf
1.7 MB
Positive Self-Talk Module
Positive Self-Talk Module Intro.pdf
1.27 MB
M3T1 Inventory Your Self-Talk
Slide Deck: M3T1 Inventory Your Self-Talk
Inventory Your Self-Talk Lesson.pdf
1.72 MB
M3T2 “I Am”
Slide Deck: M3T2 "I am"
I Am Lesson.pdf
1.65 MB
M3T3 Gratitude Letter to Self 2.0
Slide Deck: M3T3 Gratitude Letter to Self 2.0
Gratitude Letter to Self 2.0 Lesson.pdf
1.74 MB
M3T4 Mental Vacation Visualization 2.0
Slide Deck: M3T4 Mental Vacation Visualization 2.0
Mental Vacation Visualization 2.0.pdf
1.79 MB
M3T5 Take Two
Slide Deck: M3T5 Take two
Take Two Lesson.pdf
1.65 MB
M3T6 The Story I'm Telling Myself
Slide Deck: M3T6 The Story I'm Telling Myself
The Story I'm Telling Myself Lesson.pdf
1.77 MB
The Story I'm Telling Myself Worksheet.pdf
207 KB
M3T7 Your First Five
Your First 5 Lesson.pdf
1.18 MB
Slide Deck: M3T7 Your First 5
Positive Self-Talk Personal Practice
Personal Practice Positive Self-Talk Lesson.pdf
1.26 MB
Diagnostic Checklist Positive Self-Talk.pdf
187 KB
Menu of All Tools.pdf
530 KB
Positive Self-Talk Review
Slide Deck: Positive Self-Talk Review
Positive Self-Talk Review Lesson.pdf
1.23 MB
Additional Resources
Poster: Anchor Chart
76.4 KB
Poster: Flipping Your Lid
388 KB
Poster: Handtracing
396 KB