"Becoming Your Own ASSET" -- Level 2 Curriculum by ASSET Education

"Becoming Your Own ASSET" -- Level 2 Curriculum

30 bite-sized social & emotional learning tools to help your students build their resilience. This is a one year license to use the curriculum from date of purchase.

What's included?

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Level 2 Curriculum
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M1T1 4-7-8 Breathing
Slide Deck: M1T1 4-7-8 Breathing
M1T2 Mindful Body Scan 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T2 Mindful Body Scan 2.0
M1T3 Tense & Release 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T3 Tense & Release 2.0
M1T4 Hand Tracing
Slide Deck: M1T4 Hand Tracing
M1T5 Mindful Listening 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T5 Mindful Listening 2.0
M1T6 I Spy
Slide Deck: M1T6 I Spy
M1T7 Finger Breathing 2.0
Slide Deck: M1T7 Finger Breathing 2.0
M1T8 Mindful Balance
Slide Deck: M1T8 Mindful Balance
Mindfulness Personal Practice
Personal Practice L2.pdf
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Mindfulness Review
Slide Deck: Mindfulness Review
M2T1 Resilient Bubble Letter
Slide Deck: M2T1 Resilient Bubble Letter
M2T2 Happy Bank
Slide Deck: M2T2 Happy Bank
M2T3 My Purpose
Slide Deck: M2T3 My Purpose
M2T4 My Community
Slide Deck: M2T4 My Community
M2T5 Learning to Pivot
Slide Deck: M2T5 Learning to Pivot
M2T6 Baby Steps
Slide Deck: M2T6 Baby Steps
M2T7 Moment of Resilience
Slide Deck: M2T7 Moment of Resilience
M2T8 Gratitude 2.0
Slide Deck: M2T8 Gratitude 2.0
Positive Psychology Review
Slide Deck: Positive Psychology Review
M3T1 Inventory Your Self-Talk
Slide Deck: M3T1 Inventory Your Self-Talk
M3T2 “I Am”
Slide Deck: M3T2 "I am"
M3T3 Gratitude Letter to Self 2.0
Slide Deck: M3T3 Gratitude Letter to Self 2.0
M3T4 Mental Vacation Visualization 2.0
Slide Deck: M3T4 Mental Vacation Visualization 2.0
M3T5 Cognitive Reappraisal
Slide Deck: M3T5 Cognitive Reappraisal
M3T6 Your First 5
Slide Deck: M3T6 Your First 5
Positive Self-Talk Review
Slide Deck: Positive Self-Talk Review
Additional Resources
Poster: Anchor Chart
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Poster: Flipping Your Lid
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Poster: Handtracing
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