Module 1 Tool #5
Finger Breathing

TIME: 5 minutes
MATERIALS NEEDED: ASSET Toolbox Worksheet, Writing Utensil or Highlighter
OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to prevent “freeze” moments in test-taking environments.

Start Featuring Today’s Tool
  • ASSET Logo
  • Today’s Tool: Finger Breathing
  • Where We’ve Been (Primers and Introduction to Mindfulness)/ Where We’re Going (Mindfulness Tools)
  • Get Out: ASSET Toolbox Worksheet, Writing Utensil or Highlighter

Intro to Finger Breathing (1 Min.) 
  • Teacher Framing: “Has anyone ever had that moment where you forget everything you studied right before a test? This can be a sign of testing anxiety, and today’s goal is to give you a tool that can help you deal with such anxiety. Just like the Deep Breathing exercise, today’s tool is something you can take with you anywhere. Today, we are going to practice Finger Breathing.” 
  • Teacher Framing: “It is important to keep any opinions of this tool to yourself while we go through the process. Remember, this could be the tool that is most helpful for your friends, so please be respectful.”

Finger Breathing Tool (2 Min.) 
  • Teacher Framing: 
  1. “Find a comfortable upright position. When you arrive in this position, soften your gaze and shift your focus to your fingers. 
  2. We are going to start today’s activity by taking three deep breaths in. As you breathe in, begin to pay less attention to any upcoming deadlines or tasks on your to-do list and more attention to the sensations of your inhales and exhales. Simply be present by focusing on your breathing. 
  3. Hold your right thumb in front of you. Then take ahold of your right thumb with your left hand. As you hold your thumb take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold the breath for moment, then exhale through your mouth. 
  4. Now we are going to do the reverse. Hold out your left thumb, and hold it with your right hand this time. Again, take a deep breath in, then exhale the breath as you continue to hold your left thumb.
  5. Repeat with each finger on each hand.”
  • Note: Throughout the process, remind students to focus simply on their breathing and holding each finger. 

Debrief of Finger Breathing (1 Min.) 
  • Teacher Framing: “Raise your hand if this tool worked for you.” (If students raise their hand) “Does anyone want to share why? How does this tool compare to the Deep Breathing tool we experienced last week? Do you think you’d be more likely to use one over the other? If you didn’t like this tool, that’s okay. There are 17 other tools and I promise you there is a something in here for everyone.”
  • Teacher Framing: “Please get out your ASSET Toolbox Worksheet. If this tool worked for you, please highlight it.”

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