One Year License to ASSET's Level One Curriculum by ASSET Education

One Year License to ASSET's Level One Curriculum

30+ bite-sized social & emotional learning tools to help your students build their resilience.

Research-backed, teacher-built, and classroom-tested.

“Becoming Your Own ASSET” is rooted in mindfulness, positive psychology, and positive self-talk techniques that are proven to reduce stress and boost resilience.

With 15+ years of teaching experience, the ASSET team understands the stressors and time constraints of classroom life, so we’ve designed our curriculum to be truly “plug and play.” Each short but powerful 5-10-minute lesson includes a script and matching Google Slides deck.

In each lesson, students learn a concrete tool that they can use to reduce stress in the classroom, at home, and in social settings. 92% of students continue to use these tools on their own once they've learned them in class.

92% of students continue to use ASSET tools on their own once they've learned them in class.

The Becoming Your Own ASSET curriculum has been proven to significantly reduce the stress of students and increase their mindfulness and awareness. Don't just take it from us – we interviewed them in this video!

A Curriculum by Teachers for Teachers

ASSET's curriculum is made up of 3 modules containing 32 lessons: Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Positive Self-Talk, plus a growing list of additional resources and tools.

Short, Ready-to-use Lessons

We wanted to make sure each of these lessons is literally "plug and play" so each module includes explanatory text/scripts for you + a Google Slide deck to show your students.

Modules to Last the Whole Academic Year

Start in the fall or right before finals – whenever you start sharing ASSET's tools with your students, we promise they'll be psyched!

This could be the most important thing they learn in school.

Wherever your students go once they graduate from your class, they will carry with them dozens of tools to help make them resilient and able to deal with the inevitable stressors that are part of life.

What Teachers Are Saying

“ASSET helps meet students’ emotional needs in order for them to excel academically and later on in life.” 
Kimberlee Lamendola, Education Supports Manager, Palmer Elementary
“ASSET helps teachers too. When I lead an ASSET tool, it provides an opportunity for both myself and my students to calm down. We then have a more productive class where students are at their prime for learning and I am teaching from a place of calm."
Denver Public Schools Teacher
“One kid dropped my AP class because they thought, ‘I’m dumb’. Another students would just freeze in class because they were so overwhelmed. I wish I had access to ASSET earlier.”
11th Grade Teacher, Denver, CO
“I have students who have anxiety issues and have told me how they are using ASSET tools in other classes before high stress events like tests...That’s a true sign it’s working!”

Beth Lakin, Teacher, North High School, Denver, CO

What Students Are Saying

“ASSET is the only thing I’ve ever learned about how to manage stress. It’s not really talked about during the day to day [in school].”
High School Student, Denver, CO
“The only thing I hear [when I get stressed] is, 'Study and you’ll be fine,' but I haven’t had any strategies to help with stress other than just study. I am so appreciative of ASSET's program and having experienced ASSET’s tools.”
High School Student, Denver, CO
“Denver Public Schools should be using strategies like this in every school. ASSET was extremely helpful to me, and our class in terms of managing stress and anxiety. Thank you ASSET!”
High School Student, Denver, CO

What's included?

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Welcome To ASSET!
463 KB
Becoming Your Own ASSET Level 1 Curriculum.pdf
51.2 MB
Letter to Educators.pdf
427 KB
Best Practice Implementation Schedule.pdf
269 KB
Scope & Sequence.pdf
425 KB
Professional Development Video Library
Video: M1T3 Finger Breathing in Action
4 mins
Primer Lesson Materials
Slide Deck: Primer Lesson
Lesson PDF: Primer Lesson
2.14 MB
Taking Stock Worksheet
430 KB
Module #1: Mindfulness
Mindfulness Module Overview
1.49 MB
Intro to Mindfulness + M1T1 Deep Breathing
Slide Deck: Intro to Mindfulness + M1T1 Deep Breathing
Lesson PDF: Intro to Mindfulness + M1T1 Deep Breathing
2.08 MB
M1T2 Mindful Body Scan
Slide Deck: M1T2 Mindful Body Scan
Lesson PDF: M1T2 Mindful Body Scan
1.72 MB
M1T3 Finger Breathing
Slide Deck: M1T3 Finger Breathing
Lesson PDF: M1T3 Finger Breathing
1.71 MB
M1T4 Belly Breathing
Slide Deck: M1T4 Belly Breathing
Lesson PDF: M1T4 Belly Breathing
1.71 MB
M1T5 Mindful Thoughts
Slide Deck: M1T5 Mindful Thoughts
Lesson PDF: M1T5 Mindful Thoughts
1.72 MB
M1T6 Breath Counting
Slide Deck: M1T6 Breath Counting
Lesson PDF: M1T6 Breath Counting
1.72 MB
M1T7 Square Breathing
Slide Deck: M1T7 Square Breathing
Lesson PDF: M1T7 Square Breathing
1.72 MB
M1T8 Mindful Chocolate Activity
Slide Deck: M1T8 Mindful Chocolate Activity
Lesson PDF: M1T8 Mindful Chocolate Activity
1.71 MB
M1T9 Grounding 5-4-3-2-1
Slide Deck: M1T9 Grounding 5-4-3-2-1
Lesson PDF: M1T9 Grounding 5-4-3-2-1
1.66 MB
M1T10 Mindful Listening
Slide Deck: M1T10 Mindful Listening
Lesson PDF: M1T10 Mindful Listening
1.68 MB
M1T11 Tense & Release
Slide Deck: M1T11 Tense & Release
Lesson PDF: M1T11 Tense & Release
1.7 MB
Mindfulness Review
Slide Deck: Mindfulness Review
Lesson PDF: Mindfulness Review
1.76 MB
Mindfulness Abbreviated Tools
2.64 MB
Module #2: Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology Module Overview
1.45 MB
Intro to Positive Psychology + M2T1 Character Strengths
Slide Deck: Intro to Positive Psychology + M2T1 Character Strengths
Lesson PDF: Intro to Positive Psychology + M2T1 Character Strengths
1.88 MB
Character Strengths worksheet.pdf
179 KB
M2T2 Character Strengths at Work
Slide Deck: M2T2 Character Strengths at Work
Lesson PDF: M2T2 Character Strengths at Work
1.77 MB
M2T3 Gratitude 101
Slide Deck: M2T3 Gratitude 101
Lesson PDF: M2T3 Gratitude 101
2.09 MB
M2T4 Gratitude Flip
Slide Deck: M2T4 Gratitude Flip
Lesson PDF: M2T4 Gratitude Flip
1.64 MB
M2T5 “I’ll Be Happy When...”
Slide Deck: M2T5 "I'll be happy when..."
Lesson PDF: M2T5 "I'll be happy when..."
1.72 MB
M2T6 Reset Button
Slide Deck: M2T6 Reset Button
Lesson PDF: M2T6 Reset Button
1.67 MB
Reset Button Worksheet
1.3 MB
M2T7 A Beautiful Day
Slide Deck: M2T7 A Beautiful Day
Lesson PDF: M2T7 A Beautiful Day
1.65 MB
Positive Psychology Review
Slide Deck: Positive Psychology Review
Lesson PDF: Positive Psychology Review
1.86 MB
Positive Psychology Abbreviated Tools
2.31 MB
Module #3: Positive Self-Talk
Positive Self-Talk Module Overview
1.38 MB
Intro to Positive Self-Talk + M3T1 Reframing Negative Self-Talk
Slide Deck: Intro to Positive Self-Talk + M3T1 Reframing Negative Self-Talk
Lesson PDF: Intro to Positive Self-Talk + M3T1 Reframing Negative Self-Talk
1.87 MB
M3T2 Affirmation Writing
Slide Deck: M3T2 Affirmation Writing
Lesson PDF: M3T2 Affirmation Writing
1.75 MB
M3T3 Embracing Change
Slide Deck: M3T3 Embracing Change
Lesson PDF: M3T3 Embracing Change
1.67 MB
M3T4 Gratitude Letter to Self
Slide Deck: M3T4 Gratitude Letter to Self
Lesson PDF: M3T4 Gratitude Letter to Self
1.71 MB
M3T5 Mental Vacation Visualization
Slide Deck: M3T5 Mental Vacation Visualization
Lesson PDF: M3T5 Mental Vacation Visualization
1.74 MB
M3T6 Test-Taking Visualization
Slide Deck: M3T6 Test-Taking Visualization
Lesson PDF: M3T6 Test-Taking Visualization
1.71 MB
M3T7 Community Strengths (3 lessons)
Slide Deck: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 1
Lesson PDF: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 1
1.75 MB
Slide Deck: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 2
Lesson PDF: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 2
1.27 MB
Slide Deck: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 3
Lesson PDF: M3T7 Community Strengths -- Part 3
1.27 MB
Positive Self-Talk Review
Slide Deck: Positive Self-Talk Review
Lesson PDF: Positive Self-Talk Review
1.23 MB
Positive Self-Talk Abbreviated Tools
2.24 MB
Additional Resources
10 SEL Behavior Management Tips.pdf
288 KB
Mindfulness Abbreviated Tools
10.2 MB
Tools in Spanish.pdf
4.07 MB
Poster: Anchor Chart
76.4 KB
Poster: Flipping Your Lid
388 KB
Poster: Handtracing
396 KB
ALL Abbreviated Tools.pdf
7.48 MB
Additional Tools
Lesson PDF: Crossing the Midline
888 KB
Lesson PDF: Mindful Stretching
914 KB
Lesson PDF: Mindful Walking
901 KB
Lesson PDF: VIA Strengths Survey
883 KB

Excited? Let's get your whole school involved!

Any teacher can implement our curriculum, but research proves that school-wide initiatives are even more effective and profound.
Learn More About School Partnerships

ASSET Education, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

We equip teachers with a curriculum of bite-sized social-emotional learning tools to help students mitigate stress and build resilience.


How can I get ASSET in every classroom at my school?

We're so glad you asked! Researchers, such as developmental psychologist Stephanie Jones and her team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, find that SEL is most effective when the entire school implements the program. ASSET offers multiple partnership opportunities for schools to implement ASSET school-wide and receive additional supports. Read case studies of our school partners and learn more about partnership opportunities on our website.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the downloadable nature of digital content, we do not offer refunds. However, if you are unsatisfied with our curriculum for any reason, please reach out to us right away as we want all teachers who invest in ASSET to see results in their classrooms. ASSET is run by educators and advocates, and our goal here is students' well-being, not making a profit (in fact, we're a nonprofit 501(c)3)!

I love what you're doing, but I'm not a teacher. How can I get involved?

If you're an expert in the field of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, or social-emotional learning in general, we're always looking for thought partners to design new tools. We'd love for you to send us a note.

Another fantastic way to get involved is by sponsoring a membership for teachers' who need financial assistance to access our curriculum and community.

May I share this curriculum with my colleagues?

This curriculum was developed by teachers, so we get it, but no – please don't. The $50 license is for an individual teacher's use of the curriculum and membership in our professional development community. These fees help us provide continual updates, training, and access to a fast-growing number of students nationwide. We'd rather your colleagues apply for a scholarship so they can join and contribute to the community, rather than sharing a log in or just creating copies of your materials.

How about a little kick-back for spreading the word about ASSET?

What a great idea! We'd be thrilled if you became an ASSET  Affiliate. You will receive 20% of every sale that results from you sharing your unique affiliate link. That's $10 for every person who enrolls at the full $50 rate using your unique membership code; cash money, which we'll deliver to you via PayPal.

In order to become an ASSET Affiliate, you must be signed into our course platform. Once signed in, go to and follow the prompts to enter your PayPal email address and get your shareable links. Thank you for spreading the word about ASSET!

I want a little more support around implementing ASSET in my classroom. Do you offer in-person training?

We offer three forms of school partnerships where the ASSET team will come deliver on-site professional development support to your staff. If interested, please contact us.

How does the ASSET curriculum help my students deal with their stress?

ASSET equips students with the ability to "name and tame" their stress. We start with the science of stress, specifically how our brains and bodies are biologically predisposed to respond to stress through the fight, flight, or freeze response. After students can "name" their stress, ASSET gives them a variety of concrete tools to "tame" that stress. These tools are rooted in concepts like Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

How do I successfully roll out ASSET to my students?

Language is important. How you frame a new activity can often determine whether that activity will have success with your students, and ASSET is no different. Every iteration to our curriculum since 2015 stemmed from feedback and conversations with educators. For this reason, we strongly advise teachers to stick to the scripts we provide.

Is this curriculum appropriate for all ages?

It was developed with grades 6 through 12 in mind, but intrepid educators of younger (or older) students are more than welcome to use it!

Is there a schedule to follow when implementing the curriculum in my classroom?

Yes! We recommend incorporating one ASSET tool into your academic class once a week. Including ASSET into your academic class adds a degree of gravitas to the program - students know it’s valuable because a teacher is using class time to do it. Additionally, by equipping students with one tool each week you’re building a habit of acknowledging and confronting each student’s stress and anxiety, which for some students has never happened in their academic careers.

How pervasive are stress and anxiety in students?

From the SAT to GPAs, students have a lot on their plate (and that’s not even including work and personal responsibilities!). According to a case study conducted by Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, 85% of students reported experiencing stress and/or anxiety on a daily basis. This stress manifests in a multitude of ways and creates an obstacle, which can prevent students from reaching their full potential.

How much does ASSET cost?

A one-time cost of $50 provides curriculum access for one teacher. We also welcome you into our private professional development membership community, where we are always adding new resources and facilitating expert as well as peer-to-peer training and support.

We also offer cohort discounts for school and other institutional partners. Please visit our website or reach out for more details on partnerships.

Do you ever offer reduced-cost or free access to your curriculum?

Yes, we accept scholarship applications on a rolling basis and approve requests based on financial need and fund availability. Please fill out our application form here. If you are in a position to help us fund access to those who need it, please make a 100% tax-deductible donation to ASSET Edu!

I'm training to become a teacher. Will this curriculum be useful to me if I'm not actually teaching yet?

Absolutely! The more comfortable teachers are with the curriculum, the more effective their implementation will be. We also recommend teachers develop a personal practice of the tools, so when they go into the classroom, they feel confident and personally-engaged in the materials. And as a new teacher, there will be stress; ASSET tools help teachers reduce their stress, too!